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We are a boutique law firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1979, we have represented Georgia residents, people across the United States, and individuals from other countries who need legal representation. For almost forty years, our legal practice has been concentrated in five areas:

Personal Injury   
death or injury from

Estate and Probate Matters   

Breach of contract   

Insurance Recovery   claims under

Contesting Subrogation in Plaintiff's Personal Injury Matters   

  • Handle and contest ERISA and non-ERISA subrogation claims in plaintiff’s personal injury settlements for our clients and other law firms

The Firm

Atlanta Attorneys for over 40 years

Our personal injury team represents catastrophically injured clients or the family of those who have died in an accident. We handle cases in which injuries or death occur due to car, truck or motorcycle accidents, defects in products or machines, negligent security in a business or apartment complex, or negligence in a nursing or personal care home environment.

Our insurance recovery attorneys litigate claims against insurance companies which have wrongfully denied or underpaid legitimate claims under life, accidental death, homeowner, disability, and uninsured motorist insurance policies.

Our estate and probate team helps families navigate the probate process after the death of a loved one, and handle will contests and trust disputes.

Our subrogation lawyers determine the legitimacy of subrogation claims brought by employers and health insurance companies and help clients and other law firms successfully navigate the issues and pay only what is legally owed under ERISA and state laws.



Balancing the Scales, a documentary film about the challenges faced by women in the legal profession, was written, produced and directed by R&K partners Sharon Rowen and John Klonoski. It was shown nationwide on public television in 2017. Ms. Rowen is a nationally recognized speaker on gender equality. For more information on the film and screening engagements, click here: