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Trucking and Big Rig Accidents

Increased truck traffic on our Georgia highways may indicate a better economy, but it also means a rise in truck-related accidents. While most truck drivers are skilled and responsible professionals who carry public safety as their number-one responsibility, accidents happen. And when an 18 wheeler and a 4 wheeler collide, the car and its occupants are the ones sustaining serious damage. Many trucking accidents are avoidable, however, and if you or a loved one is injured in an accident involving a truck, it takes experience and skill to be able to investigate what really happened. Our Georgia truck accident attorney team is skilled at determining the liability of every potential defendant so that a strong, winning case may be made on behalf of our clients.

The trucking industry is governed by a complex mix of state and federal regulation. Understanding these complex laws is no playground for the uninitiated.  In order to get the compensation our clients deserve, attorneys must master a number of distinct legal areas.  Depending on the particular circumstances of the case, there may be a large number of potentially liable parties to a serious trucking accident. Sorting them out and the degree of liability that attaches to each of is a complex legal task that requires the expertise of a professional Georgia truck accident attorney. Our attorneys can navigate this legal labyrinth and apprise you of the totality your legal options so that you get the just compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a truck accident, call us. Timing is an important element in such cases. Evidence must be gathered. Witnesses must be located and their sworn testimony taken.  All the relevant police reports and corporate records must be subpoenaed and studied. A physical inspection of the vehicles by one of our affiliated crash experts may also be required. Our attorneys will lay out all of your legal options and guide you through the legal labyrinth to achieve the best possible outcome. We will ensure that your case is not undervalued. Please call us toll free at 800-475-6182 or at 404-523-2844 locally here in the Atlanta area. Your initial consultation will be free of charge.