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Ask an Atlanta insurance attorney what has changed since 9/11 in the fight against insurance companies and he/she will tell you a lot. Insurance companies, in Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout the country, have taken serious financial hits with the down turn of the economy and stock market. Their portfolios are down and they are refusing to pay fair settlements regardless of the merits of the claims. The R&K insurance attorney is constantly reminding his/her clients that even though liability may be clearly against the defendant, and the injury or damage to the plaintiff may be substantial, to acheive maximum value for an insurance claim, we must be prepared to litigate through a jury verdict or even through appeal. The fight isn't over the merits of the case, the fight is with the insurance companies refusal to fairly adjust claims. R&K has provided attorney representation to thousands of clients and recovered millions of dollars suing a myriad of different public and private corporations, individuals, and other legal entities. But the reality is that we are always fighting the same defendant. Hospitals, doctors, manufacturers, drug companies, automobile drivers, home owners, dog owners, you name it - behind almost every defendant is the insurance company making the decisions. No matter the name of the individual or legal entity that has caused our clients physical injury or death, loss of property or health, or any other monetary, emotional, or physical loss, our attorneys are always fighting the Almighty Insurance Company. It is the multi-million dollar, and more often these days, multi-billion dollar, insurance company that is supplying the team of defense lawyers, funding the litigation costs and ultimately making the decision to withhold payment to deserving victims.

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Our court system has no magic wand to wave to restore movement to paraplegic legs or to cause the deceased automobile accident victim to return to life. Nor do courts have the power to order what would seem possible, such as forcing defendants to repair or rebuild property that has been destroyed, such as fire damaged homes and business. The power of our courts, and our judicial system, is in ordering individuals and companies to pay money for the loss. Many times, an Insurance company’s only purpose is in NOT paying claims. Insurance companies are in the business of collecting as much as possible in premiums, yet paying as few claims, and as little on each claim, as is possible. (Article, Insurers Rights, Atlanta Business Chronicle January, 23-29, 2004) You are not in "good hands", no one is your "good neighbor", and no insurance company has your interest at heart. To get justice you must demand justice then fight for it.

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In 1979 Sharon Rowen was admitted to the practice of law and "hung out her shingle", at a small law office in the Fairlie Poplar District of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly thereafter, Sharon agreed to represent an Atlanta t.v. repairman in a lawsuit against a wrecker service that had towed his work vehicle. When the repairman recovered his vehicle, all of his tools were missing. His means for making a living was lost. The real fight however, was not with the wrecker service. The wrecker service had insurance and the insurance company retained defense lawyers and funded the legal battle between this t.v. repairman and the towing company. After several days of jury trial, she won and the insurance company was forced to pay, so that her client could buy some new tools and get back to work. From that t.v. repairman case to the millions of dollars we have recovered from insurance companies since, the lawyers at R&K have refined their skills in representing our clients against the true defendant in almost every case, the insurance company.

In addition to dealing with insurance companies who insure defendants in lawsuits, R&K attorneys bring lawsuits directly against insurance companies for failure to pay their own insured. Our lawyers sue insurance companies for failure to pay on life insurance claims, disability insurance claims, and property losses, and uninsured motorist claims.

Article, Insurers Rights, Atlanta Business Chronicle January, 23-29, 2004.

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