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"Ask an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney his opinion about the quality of medicine being practiced in metro Atlanta hospitals and he will tell you it is worse than you can imagine. The medical malpractice attorney in Atlanta, Georgia and medical malpractice attorneys across the country have seen the sad, devastating effects that substandard medicine has caused in their clients’ lives. Recently, medical malpractice has become a hot media topic. Headlines read: "Atlanta medical malpractice attorney sues Atlanta hospital." "Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer sues Atlanta doctor for medical malpractice over the death of client." "Medical malpractice attorney settles claim on behalf of paraplegic client with medical malpractice insurance company for several million dollars."

Insurance Companies and Medical Malpractice

Medical care has become Big Business and medical malpractice victims are paying the price. In Atlanta, Georgia and across the country, doctors and hospitals are being told how to practice medicine by corporate boards. Insurance companies are setting doctors and hospital fees, and dictating the tests and procedures that they will allow. These same insurance companies are refusing to pay medically necessary procedures ordered by competent doctors. This has been a well known secret to the medical malpractice attorney, and now the public at large is seeing the horrendous effects of the Big Business of Medicine. It is not the medical malpractice victim seeking justice for their devastated lives that is causing medical malpractice premiums to rise. Insurance companies attempt to hide the truth behind smoke screens of paid advertisements. They point at the medical malpractice attorney filing medical malpractice lawsuits and falsely state that these lawsuits are causing premiums to rise. However, it is the Big Business of Medicine that is producing large scale numbers of dead or permanently disabled medical malpractice victims. It is the Big Business of Medicine that is killing as many as 200,000 people a year and seriously injuring as many as 2 million others through the medical malpractice of doctors and hospitals.

Hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Who Will Finance Your Fight

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, R&K has provided attorney representation to victims of medical malpractice since 1979. Our attorneys have helped medical malpractice victims recover millions of dollars for themselves and their deceased relatives’ estates. We understand the reality behind a medical malpractice suit – the insurance companies will pay whatever it costs to defend the substandard medicine that they are responsible for creating. R&K is willing to finance and take on this fight. We bring to the table the resources and experience to level the playing field so our clients get their opportunity at trial and are able to recover the substantial sums of money necessary to provide for their own care or the care of their loved ones into the future.

Whether your case is in Atlanta, Georgia or any other state, we welcome the opportunity to evaluate your potential medical malpractice lawsuit. We afford all potential clients the opportunity to speak directly with an attorney at no charge. An initial consultation can be arranged by telephone or in person, at the client's discretion. If the R&K attorney believes your case needs further investigation, we will order all medical records and have them evaluated by a doctor at no charge to the client. If you call or e-mail us, we will respond within 24 hours.