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Atlanta probate attorney, Sharon Rowen, is a frequent speaker at Continuing Legal Education seminars given on behalf of the Georgia lawyers. She has taught numerous legal education seminars in Atlanta and across the state. Rowen and Klonoski understands the complexity of estate and probate law and their need to stay apprised of the continuing legislative changes. The following are links to materials presented at some of the seminars at which Ms. Rowen has spoken. These materials may be of use to both the lay person attempting to get oriented in the world of Georgia probate and estate law, as well as lawyers needing more detailed information.

Update: In 2015, our lawyers have seen an increase in inquiries regarding the estates of decedents not domiciled in Georgia at the time of their death. Immediately below, are new links geared toward the practicing probate attorney. The lay person with questions related to decedents domiciled outside of the state may find some answers to their Atlanta probate lawyer questions here. Feel free to contact a Rowen & Klonoski, P.C., for more information.

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R&K has provided clients with legal representation in Atlanta and throughout the state of for over 30 years. For the non-lawyer, the following is a bit of general information that the lawyers at R&K provide almost daily in response to general inquiries. Most basic is the need for a will. There is nothing more important than preparing a will which ensures that after death, your assets will be distributed according to your wishes. Without a will, distribution of your assets will be governed solely by the laws of the state in which you resided. Each person has different concerns which must be addressed by the lawyer preparing the will. These concerns may include estate tax planning, trusts for minor children, or relatives whom you do not wish to inherit. Most people also wish to have a durable power of attorney prepared, in which you name a person to be in charge of health care decisions such as remaining on life support if you are not able to communicate your desires to your doctors. Rowen & Klonoski lawyers work with clients to ensure that their probate and estate documents are legally enforceable.

When you need an Atlanta Probate Attorney

When a person dies, the relatives of the decedent will usually be involved in probating the decedent's will or asking the court to have an administrator of the estate named if there is no will. A personal representative of the estate is appointed by the court in the county where the deceased last resided. The personal representative is responsible for collecting the assets of the estate, paying the debts, and distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries or the heirs. The personal representative is called the executor if there is a will, or the administrator if there is no will.

Probating a will is often simple, and can be done without an Atlanta probate lawyer. However, sometimes there are disagreements which must be litigated. For example, there might be questions about the will's validity or who the administrator should be. Or the question may be whether the executor or administrator is disbursing the assets of the estate properly and according to the law. Many of these disputes boil down to "Who is entitled to the assets of the deceased?" or "What did the deceased intend?"

Probate, Pension, and Estate and Wills Planning

Many times questions arise regarding the pension or insurance benefits of a deceased person. Pension and insurance benefits normally are paid outside of the estate to the beneficiary named by the deceased. If there is a question regarding the intentions or actions of the deceased (for example, did he intend to change his beneficiary from his ex wife to his children, and did he take steps to do so), these questions often need to be litigated.

Finally, as the population of our older citizens increase, there has been an increasing number of legal "elder law" issues. These include nursing home malpractice, disputes over guardianship of a relative, estate planning, and Medicaid issues.

Sharon Rowen has over 30 years of experience preparing wills and litigating estate issues. She has represented the full range of clients: from assisting indigent clients pro bono to litigating complex estate matters for some of the wealthiest families in Georgia. Her experience and in-depth knowledge of the law gives her clients the confidence and peace of mind knowing that they in the best of hands.

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For additional information click on the following links. The "Probate and Estate Checklist" may offer initial help to individuals that recently lost a loved one and need to know what to do next.