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Atlanta Divorce Law

An Atlanta divorce attorney deals with a variety of family relationships, usually related to legal issues surrounding divorce. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, but representing clients throughout the state of Georgia, R&K has provided divorce attorney representation for all divorce issues such as child custody, child support, visitation, alimony, division of assets and division of debt. The R&K divorce lawyer also handles post divorce issues such as contempt, changes of custody, visitation, and child support. Finally, our divorce attorneys handle paternity and other actions relating to the rights of children, parents and grandparents.

The Many Different Issues in an Atlanta Divorce

Parties to a divorce must deal with many different issues including the reason for the divorce, custody of the children, visitation for the non-custodial parent, child support, and property issues such as division of assets and debts. Marital property includes not only real estate, bank accounts, and stock accounts, but also such assets as retirement and pension plans, and ownership of assets in business entities. Sometimes one party does not know all of the marital assets, or whether some assets may be hidden. Sometimes there is a dispute about the value of an asset, such as a closely held business. Some issues, such as the amount of child support to be paid, are somewhat regulated by law. Others, such as property division, are based in Georgia on the principal of "equitable division" and are decided based upon what would be fair in light of all the circumstances.

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Division of Assets in Atlanta

Division of assets and debts can become problematic when there is a long term marriage where the parties' earning capacities are not equal, or when there is a long term marriage where one spouse has taken most of the responsibility for raising the children while the other spouse was employed outside of the home. It is important to remember that what a judge or jury considers an "equitable" division of property and debt is not always the same as an equal division.

All of these issues must be handled at a time that is highly emotional for everyone involved. Having a good, experienced lawyer to assist you at this time is crucial, as the decisions that you make or that are made on your behalf will affect you for many years into the future.

Attorney Sharon Rowen has been litigating domestic relations actions in Atlanta and throughout Georgia since 1979. Often her clients have substantial assets. Some are public figures. attorney Rowen, with her 25 years of experience in both domestic and probate matters, provides her clients the edge they need to prevail. Whether it is a divorce involving millions of dollars in property, or a custody issue regarding minor children, attorney Rowen, through her skill and perseverance, gets results for her clients and their children. Potential clients are welcome to meet with or talk with a R&K divorce attorney at no charge. You may schedule an appointment or otherwise contact a divorce attorney in our Atlanta office at the telephone numbers below.

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