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In every business, there are disputes which cannot be settled and must be litigated. From it's offices on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Geogia, Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. has provided corporate and general business attorney representation to individuals and corporations in state and federal courts in intrastate, interstate and international disputes. R&K has represented South African nationals against a major U.S. bank, local and out-of-state contractors and subcontractors involved in contract disputes with national commercial development companies, individuals against multi-national corporations, and individual entrepreneurs involved in contract disputes. The subject matter of these disputes is as varied as the businesses themselves -- negotiating a construction contract for commercial development, suing a mortgage company for fraud, suing an insurance company for unpaid benefits, or any number of other issues.

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Our clients often find themselves called upon to make decisions which require not just a good head for business, but also years of solid legal skills. Sometimes we are involved up front. Other times, we meet the client after the problem occurs. If all of our clients talked to us prior to their negotiating or entering a contract, a good deal of their headaches would never have occurred. However, once the business dispute arises, R&K attorneys bring to the table the skills and experience to obtain for our clients everything that they are legally owed.

Often in business the playing field is not level. A large corporation generally has deeper pockets and thus a seeming advantage over an individual or small business. R&K lawyers level the playing field by fighting for and insisting that the full force and breadth of the legal system works for the benefit of our clients. Often the only way to get that fair treatment is to file suit. Sometimes justice is not achieved until we get a jury verdict. Many times, a large corporation's purpose in litigation is not to achieve justice, but to outspend, and thus outlast, a smaller opponent. Your problem is not big to them, even if they are responsible for costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. In business they say everyone looks out for their own bottom line. R&K lawyers look out for the bottom line too -- the bottom line of our corporate and general business clients.

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