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Choosing an urgent care facility is not always the best option

When you make the choice to go to an urgent care facility, you expect that your illness or injury will be properly treated. Many people fear that going to a hospital emergency room will mean long wait times and more expensive bills. However, urgent care facilities are not hospitals, and may not have the specialists or equipment to properly diagnose or treat a patient. Sometimes, a patient ends up worse than when he/she sought treatment. For example, patients can released from care and told to “watch and wait” when the patient’s condition is critical and he/she should be admitted to a hospital.

If you have been injured by employees of an urgent care facility due to negligent diagnosis or treatment, you have the option to reach out to an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney, In some cases, facilities and medical personnel can be held accountable. When your urgent care experience leads to complications, let a medical malpractice attorney in Atlanta help you.

Make sure you cover these areas of discussion:

  • Illness or injury treatments – How was your illness or injury made worse by staff at the urgent care facility? Were they professional in handling your case? Did they misdiagnose an illness or injury that ultimately led to you feeling worse? If so, is there the potential for any long-term health issues? Was any and all staff treating you properly accredited?


By working with the best medical malpractice attorney in Atlanta, you know the evaluation of your potential case will be thorough and professional.