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Since 1979, Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. Atlanta personal injury attorneys, have maintained a presence on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta. Rowen & Klonoski, Atlanta personal injury lawyers, have recovered millions of dollars for personal injury victims. In Atlanta, and throughout Georgia, there are scores of "personal injury lawyers". The frustrating challenge for a potential client is figuring out which of these personal injury lawyers can and will do a great job for them. R&K's attorneys have a 28 year track record of providing premiere personal injury attorney representation in Atlanta, Georgia, and across the United States. R&K's Atlanta personal injury attorneys have a reputation in the Atlanta legal community for fighting tenaciously for each of their personal injury victims. We are exclusively a plaintiffs' practice. That means our Atlanta personal injury attorneys never have and never will represent an insurance company. We encourage potential personal injury clients to confirm our track record by talking to former personal injury clients and we proudly provide those references. Our Atlanta lawyers personally interview each client to ensure that the attorney/client match works. When you sit down at our conference table, you are sitting with the personal injury lawyer in charge of your file. If we agree to work together, that same lawyer will meet and talk with you directly throughout your case.

Personal Injury cases handled by R&K

Our injury lawyer will provide the resources to maximize your case

Regardless of the cause of the personal injury --automobile accident, recreational accident, work injury, or any other type of personal injury -- when an R&K Atlanta personal injury attorney agrees to accept a new personal injury client, we agree to provide that client with the legal and financial resources that will secure the full value of his/her case. The law does not always treat all plaintiffs equally. In fact, that is a rarity. Often, clients with no experience with our judicial system do not understand this. In the Atlanta courts and the courtrooms across the county, the successful personal injury attorney needs to invest large sums of money to "level the playing field" against billion dollar insurance companies which hire and finance the defense lawyers. Medical experts, accident reconstructionists, private investigators, life care planners and economists are just part of our Atlanta personal injury attorneys' army that moves the plaintiff's case forward to victory. There is an old saying among personal injury attorneys that "the surest way to a 1 million dollar settlement is a 2 million dollar case". R&K's goal is the opposite, to take a case that other personal injury attorneys might value at $500,000.00 and make it a 1 million dollar recovery.

R&K represents plaintiffs in Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout the United States. We litigate against defendants that reside across the country and have pursued defendant multinational corporations in foreign countries. Often the R&K Atlanta personal injury attorney is attempting to secure lifelong financial security for permanently disabled personal injury clients and their loved ones. To this end, our Atlanta personal injury lawyer will spare no expense or effort to achieve full value for each of our clients.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia since 1979, R&K personal injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for our personal injury clients. From our years of litigating personal injury cases, we have a few hints that could help potential clients protect their case as they search for the right personal injury lawyer for their case:

How to handle a personal injury case in Atlanta Georgia

  • Personal injury victims need to obtain the best medical advice as soon as possible. This sound simplistic, but our Atlanta personal injury attorneys get calls from clients asking legal questions when the clients should be asking medical questions of doctors.

  • Do not make statement at the scene of the incident and contact a personal injury attorney prior to giving any statement to any insurance company.

  • It is crucial that the facts and evidence surrounding the event be collected and preserved as soon as possible for the legal case.

  • TAKE PICTURES and make a film record if possible.

  • Write down witnesses and parties names, addresses, telephone #'s and a summary of their statements.

  • Collect all police, accident, medical emergency room and other reports as soon as they are available.

  • Do not talk to any insurance company agent, representative, or employee until you have conferred with a personal injury attorney. (Not even your own, unless you are simply reporting a loss. In that case, inform the insurance company that you will have an attorney contact them in the next few days. Remember, though, that the duty to report a loss under most insurance policies is mandatory and it must be done in a very short period of time after the incident or the insurance coverage may be lost).

  • Gather all documentation that may be legally relevant, including the personal injury victim's own insurance policies. Sometimes the victim's own uninsured and underinsured coverages are applicable in the case of an automobile accident.

  • Contact a personal injury lawyer.

Year in and year out, personal injury clients and their families offer R&K Atlanta personal injury attorneys the highest compliment by referring individuals to us. We hope that you will allow us the opportunity to help you and your loved ones in what could be the most important decision of your life. You are welcome to contact us for an in-person meeting in our Atlanta offices, a telephone consultation or just a simple e-mail inquiry. An R&K personal injury lawyer will attempt respond to all inquiries within 24 hours of receipt.