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If you or a loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, it is important that you understand your rights. Nursing homes in the State of Georgia are a highly regulated industry which operates under a strict code of statutory requirements.  There is a  guaranteed minimal level of care quality. Any deviation from that code of standards which results in death or injury of a patient under nursing home care is grounds for compensation under the law.

A leading cause of complaints arises from inadequate staffing.  Each elder care facility is supposed to have policies regarding the timing of changing sheets and clothing.  Each is required  to have an established program of disease control to contain the spread of bacterial infections among the residents. Adequate security must be provided for all residents. Georgia law also requires elder care facilities to carry on staff at all times an adequate number of registered nurses for each shift to meet the most critical needs of the residents. Support personnel including nurses, dieticians and physical therapists is mandated. Any needed medications  must be readily available from an in-house pharmaceutical facility.

Elder care facilities in Georgia are also required to be attentive to the mental, relational and emotional needs of residents. Any form of physical, mental or emotional abuse is prohibited under a zero-tolerance policy. Social and recreational activities and services need be made available to residents to provide a buffer from what may otherwise be a stifling and lonely experience. Regular, posted visitation hours with family members and loved ones must be made available and opportunities for leave from the facility to attend outside family events accommodated to the best practical extent.

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