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Our court system has no magic want to wave to force insurance companies to pay claims.  The power of our courts, and our judicial system, lies in being able to issue a judgment for money damages after suit is filed.   Starting in 1979 with a small case in which an insurance company refused to pay a client for tools that were stolen which he needed in order  to work, the attorneys of Rowen & Klonoski have represented individuals in cases in which insurance companies have denied or undervalued their claims. 

Whether it is a denial of life insurance, denial of accidental death benefits, denial of claims under a homeowner’s policy, or denial of  a liability or uninsured motorist claim in an auto policy, we know the law and how to properly evaluate and pursue these  claims. 

Often, life and accidental death policies are issued by employers and must be litigated under ERISA in the federal courts.  Benefits involving a motor vehicle accident is often  litigated under state law, but sometimes federal laws are involved as well.   The analysis may be complicated, but we will be able to lay out your legal options so that you understand them. 

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