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Premises Liability IN Atlanta, GA

Premise liability cases in Georgia require considerable legal expertise.  The category of premises liability includes a broad range of legal actions -- slip and fall, defective structures, dog attacks, fires, explosions, poor maintenance, exposure to hazardous chemicals, code violations, inadequate security, rape and murder.  A property owner and/or management company, no matter how big, is liable for injuries for failure to act on complaints, failure to take into account prior criminal activity in the area, and failure to take reasonable steps to ensure safety on its properties.  Landowners and management companies owe visitors a special duty to maintain their properties so as to insure their guests, invitees and tenants reasonable safety.

Many premise liability cases never get to a jury. The property owner's attorneys fight to defeat the case on legal grounds by what is called a “motion for summary judgement”.  If the defense is successful winning summary judgment, the premise liability case ends before a jury has the opportunity to hear any of the facts that led to the injury or death. The most important step toward acquiring the compensation you or your loved ones deserve lies in overcoming the initial legal hurdles.  In jury trials, the judge does not award money, the jury does.  If legal arguments and facts are not properly established, even the most egregious rape or wrongful death situation could be thrown out before a jury hears the first fact. 

In these complex and sometimes devastating cases, it is essential to have an experienced legal team.  Rowen & Klonoski brings 40 years of expertise to the table.  Let us sit down with you, analyze the case and provide you with your best legal options.  Our experience in the field of premises liability law, coupled with a dedicated commitment to our clients provides the best assurance of full financial recovery.