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During our forty years of helping clients, Rowen & Klonoski has represented dozens of motorcycle accident victims across the Atlanta metropolitan region and outlying counties. Almost daily, news reports of motorcycle accident with a car or truck accidents fill the media, and tragically, these are often fatal.  Even the bumper stickers that remind us to “look twice, motorcycles are everywhere” don’t help.

There is a prejudice against motorcycle drivers --not a malicious dislike of motorcycle drivers, but rather an unconscious disrespect. Police reports repeatedly state “Car failed to yield to motorcycle”.  Because many people believe that motorcyclists take too many risks in driving such a small vehicle, they place the burden to protect his/her life solely on the motorcyclist and fail to give them the same rights they liberally give to car and truck drivers. This prejudice carries over into juries where rewards are often reduced simply because the driver involved was on a motorcycle.

Handling a motorcycle accident case is different than handling other types of accident cases. Time is crucial. Witness interviews must be done immediately. Often witnesses say, “Yeah, that bike took off like a bat out of hell when the light turned green.” In fact, the motorcycle never broke the speed limit. Bikes accelerate faster than cars and the appearance of high speed leads to misconceptions by witnesses of the speed at which the bike was traveling when they observed it.

Our experienced attorneys know the statistics. It is the car or truck drivers’ fault 80% of the time when there is a collision with a motorcycle.  Insurance company know this too, but it is their job to minimize financial responsibility. Rowen & Klonoski know that with a motorcycle accident, it is especially important to get to the scene and speak to the witnesses quickly.

Invariably in court, the defense in a “motorcycle versus car” accident case will include allegations that the motorcycle driver was speeding, lane cutting or driving crazy  for the purpose of reducing the financial fault of the car or truck driver. If a jury buys any of these argument, even when false, the amount of their award is reduced. Even when an insurance company knows their defendant driver injured or killed the motorcyclist, that does not mean they will  pay the victim or the family a fair compensation.

We know how to get our clients full compensation for the injuries they have suffered. We have helped motorcycle victims and their families from all over Georgia, including Atlanta, Marietta, Smyrna, Decatur, Conyers, Snellville, Griffin and Stockbridge.