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Brain injuries can be caused by many different types of accidents and events. It can be the result of an auto accident, a fall, a bullet, being hit by another person, or any situation in which you sustain a hit to your head. Traumatic brain injuries can result in a range of symptoms, from minor headaches to catastrophic debilitation. You may suffer loss of motor skills, balance, memory, and speech and visual impairment. You may find yourself unable to control your emotions, leading to outbursts of anger or periods of depression. You may find you no longer have the ability to connect with your spouse, children, or loved ones in the same way you did before the accident. You may no longer be able to work in the same capacity or at all.  You may be unable to drive or walk.  Your ability to live independently may be compromised.

At Rowen & Klonoski, we often see brain injuries resulting from auto, truck or motorcycle accidents. This happens either because our client hits his/her head on the windshield or window of the vehicle, or is ejected or thrown from the vehicle and hits the ground.  Your path to recovery goes far beyond the immediate medical expenses for physical injuries.  It often involves prolonged treatment and  rehabilitation, long term lifestyle changes, loss of income and sometimes the need for lifelong care.

Vehicle accidents are not the only source of brain injury. We have handled brain injury cases which were caused by accidental poisoning, drug overdose, medical malpractice, shootings, premise liability injuries, and simple falls. If you have a brain injury caused by someone's negligent acts, our attorneys can evaluate the long-term costs and expenses you may encounter, and resolve your case for a sufficient amount to allow you to move forward with your life. No matter what type of accident caused your injuries, our dedicated pursuit of your case will get your case resolved for its maximum value. You may not be the same person you were before the accident, either physically or mentally, or both, but the law allows compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the accident.

If you or a loved one has a traumatic brain injury due to a negligent act, give us a call. The attorneys at Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. will evaluate your case and provide you with your legal options. We invite you become part of our family of clients. We are toll free at (800) 475-6182 or we can be reached in Atlanta at (404) 523-2844. Your initial consultation with us is free of charge.