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Ask a products liability lawyer in Atlanta or Des Moines and they will tell you that products liability cases, just like the techology that fosters them, have become very complex affairs. A products liability attorney and his/her product liability expert need to understand this every changing technology. Seemingly simple household items are unsafe due to defective design or defective manufacturing and are injuring and/or killing thousands of people each year. The chain of possible defendants in a products liability case starts with those responsible for designing the product, and continues through manufacturing, distribution and sales. The product liability defendant(s) possesses substantial financial, scientific, and technical resources to defend even the most dangerous of products. These defendants also possess the motivation to defend their profits even if people using them are being killed. In the Atlanta courts, and courts around the country, plaintiff's product liability lawyers must spend as much or more than the product liability defendant to ensure that their clients get a fair trial. R&K atttorneys are committed to giving our clients that fair trail. We bring the skill and necessary financial resources to bear on each and every products liability case we accept.

Product Liability Covers a Large Range of Defective Products

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, R&K has provided attorney representation in a wide variety of product liability lawsuits. Our attorneys have represented clients in cases ranging from the defective design and manufacture of a gun which fired when dropped, brain injury from the inhalation of household cleaning products, injuries suffered from defectively designed off-road ATV's, defective wakeboard design, improper warning cases and numerous other suits. The product liability attorney, more than most other attorneys, deal in the physical world. Products that are defective need to be secured and tested. If you suspect that you or your loved one may have a products liability case, due to defective design or manufacturing, it is important that you immediately collect and preserve all possible physical evidence. Attorneys may appear to work in the world of words and papers but the reality is that the foundation for a substantial monetary recovery in a products liabiltiy suit is the physical evidence. Our lawyers have personally crawled inside of mangled trucks and automobiles, and regularly participated in laboratory experiments to determine what caused products to fail. It can not be overstated: collect all physical evidence, take pictures, secure all purchase receipts, warnings, and other paper work related to the purchase, use, or safety of the product. R&K will be glad to provide you with a list of the evidence you should secure immediately following an injury or death from a suspected defective product. Your welcome to telephone our Atlanta office for a free in-person or telephone consultation with one of our product liability attorneys.

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