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The experienced Atlanta auto accident attorney knows that there are no longer any "givens" in fighting auto accident cases. It does not matter that the other side is clearly at fault. The auto insurance claim representatives, and defense lawyers across the country have been given marching orders by the automobile insurance companies not to fairly settle auto accident claimst. R&K attorneys have gotten our clients millions of dollars for their injuries.

The Deadly Mix in Atlanta

The combination of increased automobile speed and increased SUV size is becoming a deadly mix the Atlanta, and Atlanta metro area highways. Results play nightly on the Atlanta evening news. Emergency room doctors in Atlanta and the surrounding Atlanta metro counties confirm that the number and severity of injuries incurred as a result of an auto, truck, or motorcycle accident have dramatically increased in recent years, despite the fact that the automobile, truck, or SUV involved in such wrecks have state of the art safety equipment. The automobile is technically safer than ever before. However, the technological gains in complexity and speed offset the gains made by safety devices. (Click for Atlanta auto accident attorney tips relative to Georgia. Click for general  accident lawyer info).

Hire an experienced accident attorney to help navigate complex cases

Atlanta has experienced a dramatic increase in auto traffic, yet the average Atlanta, and surrounding Atlanta metro county highway speed for bumper to bumper car and truck (big rig) traffic often exceeds 80 miles per hour. Ask a veteran Atlanta auto accident lawyer what this means in his legal practice and he will confirm a corresponding increase in the complexity of the resulting legal case. Today, in 2004, the typical automobile accident involves 3 or more cars, trucks or SUV's and an increase in serious injury and death. The multi car and multi truck accident means more defendants, more defenses and often less overall insurance coverage for the most seriously injured victim or his/her loved one. This typical involves large property and bodily injury losses that often exceed minimum auto liability insurance limits.

Accident Deaths and Injuries

The seriousness of the injuries and deaths occurring on Atlanta highways was addressed by the Georgia legislature in 2001. O.C.G.A. 33-7-11 increased the minimum automobile liability insurance limits from $15,000.00 for the death or injury of one person in an auto accident and $30,000.00 for two or more persons, to $25,000.00 for the death or injury of one person in a collision, and $50,000.00 for the death or injury of more than one person in an accident. Note that the legislature also increased the liability property coverage from $10,000 per auto accident to $25,000.00 per automobile accident. These are statutory minimum limits. Automobiles driven into Georgia from other states with less coverage automatically assume the Georgia minimum limits should they cause an accident in Georgia.

The experienced Atlanta auto accident attorney will tell you that even with these statutory increases, the automobile accident victim often faces the reality that there is not enough insurance available to adequately cover the bodily injury and property losses. Even when there is adequate automobile liability or uninsured motorist insurance coverage, the insurance companies often refuse to fairly adjust the claims.

Call an Atlanta injury lawyer that will fight the insurance company for you

For over 25 years, R&K attorneys have 'gone to bat' for auto accident victims in Atlanta and the surrounding Atlanta metro area, throughout Georgia and across the United States against individuals and companies responsible for causing these injuries. We fight with insurance companies and do not quit until we are satisfied that our clients get the maximum value for their cases. We have recovered millions of dollars from insurance companies on behalf of our clients. The insurance companies insuring the defendant have only one goal: to make and keep money. They will not pay you what your claim is worth unless you fight for it. Individuals, no matter how sophisticated in the world of business, have no power to frighten an insurance company into paying you what your claim is worth. R&K's clients range from CEOs to professors to laborers. They include famous TV personalities and professional athletes. Without an experienced auto accident attorney, not one of them would be able to get a fair value from the insurance company. Over and over, clients tell us that after an auto accident, they were contacted by the insurance company expressing its condolences and offering to pay for their loss. After providing information and complying with all the insurance company's requests, they begin to realize that the insurance company's idea of fair is a very low, undervalued offer of settlement. The true purpose of the insurance company contacting them was to retrieve information, record statements, get prior medical, employment, driving, marriage, and social histories for the sole purpose of diminishing the value of the claim.

What can a person do to ensure fair treatment? We at R&K know that the only way to get justice and fair treatment in our legal system is to make justice occur. R&K has represented so many automobile accident victims over the years that we simply know how to make it occur: we insist on it, period. Rowen & Klonoski provides attorney representation to automobile, truck (big rig) and motorcycle, and receational accident victims in Atlanta, Georgia and throughout the U.S.

Free Accident Consultation

An R&K is happy to provide a free attorney consultation for auto accident victims and their families. You can email, call or make an appointment to visit our Law Offices in the South Tower of Peachtree Center at 225 Peachtree Street, Suite 1410, Atlanta, Georgia. More general information on the changes facing the Georgia and his/her clients is given below.

The lawyer who maintains a strong to accident law practice knows the unique dangers associated with an auto accident or truck accident in Atlanta and in the surrounding Atlanta metro counties. The Atlanta lawyer driving congested I-85, I-285 or Georgia 400 at rush hour sees the thousands of automobiles, SUV's and trucks flying up and down these highways. But the Atlanta auto accident attorney also sees the dangers that most auto or truck drivers never think about -- the increased legal fall-out resulting from today's automobile or truck accident.

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