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We are a boutique law firm located in Atlanta, Georgia.   Since 1979, we have represented Georgia residents, people across the United States, and individuals from other countries who need legal representation.   For almost forty years, our legal practice has been concentrated in five areas:

Personal injury - death or injury from:

    * Car, truck or motorcycle accidents
    * Nursing home or personal care home negligence
    * Faulty product, vehicle or equipment
    * Negligent security at a facility, condominium, apartment complex
       or retail establishment

Our Serious and Catastrophic Injury Practice has recovered millions of dollars for individual clients and family members  who suffered terrible injuries or death in vehicular accidents of all kinds.  We handle cases in which injury or death is due to car, truck, motorcycle, boat accidents  or injuries or death from defects in  products or machines, or from negligent security in a business or apartment complex, or negligence in a nursing or personal care home environment. 

Estate and Probate Matters
    * Wills
    * Probate
    * Contested probate matters

Our Estate and Probate team helps families navigate the probate process after the death of a loved one, and handles will contests and trust disputes.  After almost 40 years of intimate involvement in the Georgia probate and estate arena, including teaching continuing legal education courses to other attorneys, we are often called by other attorneys to assist with their cases.

Breach of contract
    * Representing individuals who have lost money or property due to a breach of a contract

Our Business Practice helps individual clients who have suffered financial losses due to the fraudulent or negligent business practices of corporations or other business entities. 

Insurance Recovery
    * Life Insurance and Accidental Death
    * Homeowner or Business Insurance
    * Disability Insurance (we do not handle social security disa ility claims)
    * Uninsured Motorist and Liability Insurance

Our Insurance Recovery attorneys litigate claims against insurance companies which have wrongfully denied or underpaid legitimate claims under life and accidental death insurance, catastrophic property loss, vehicular insurance of all kinds including liability, uninsured motorist and umbrella policies as well long term disability (not social security or workers compensation) insurance policies. 

Health care and disability lien resolution         

* ERISA and non-ERISA claims of health and disability providers in plaintiff’s personal injury settlements

Our subrogation lawyers determine the legitimacy of insurance subrogation and reimbursement claims brought by employers benefits plans and health insurance companies and assist clients and other attorneys to successfully navigate the issues ERISA and non- ERISA claims and liens.

 Personal Injury attorney Atlanta GA


Balancing the Scales, a new documentary film about the challenges women lawyers face in our society, was written, produced and directed by R&K partners Sharon Rowen and John Klonoski. It is being broadcast on public television stations nationwide beginning July 2, 2017.

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Attorney representation in Atlanta, Georgia since 1978

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